21st Century Responsibilities Of 21st Century Custodian

The 21st century custodian is today’s modern day janitor. Over the years many people have perhaps wrongfully perceived that the role of the janitor was servile and of low rank in the pecking order of a school or company’s staff organogram. But the work that the janitor has always done, and continues to do today, is ennobling. Along with that, the janitor, otherwise known as the custodian, has always had his fair share of responsibilities.

custodial supplies

Today, if the custodian’s responsibilities have not increased, they have at least been altered. In the serious matter of hygienic and clinical cleaning, today’s janitor is expected to take care of the environment, in more ways than one. Not only keeping a school or company’s environment hygienically clean, but doing his part to look after the green environment. He leads the way in terms of being more resourceful and sustainable in his methods and with his tools of trade, aside of always being a responsible person.

Helping him in his work is a set of remarkable custodial supplies. What makes these supplies of his remarkable? Well, for one thing, they are sustainable to use. Contributing towards this sustainability is the fact that these materials are not, never were, nor should be wasted. Cleaning rags and manually used mops for instance have been crafted from recycled materials, many of them sourced from the cities’ landfill sites.

And while these materials have been recycled they are also destined to be reused. Many readers already know of the clarion call for the 21st century. But for those who did not and who may need reminding, the clarion call is as follows. To recycle and reuse. Always, or at least as far as possible. Nothing needs to go to waste.